Actual Budget is a super fast and privacy-focused app for managing your finances. At its heart is the well proven and much loved Envelope Budgeting methodology. It features multi-device sync, and optional end-to-end encryption.

You can find the source code on Git Hub.


For this guide you should be familiar with the basic concepts of


Your website domain or subdomain needs to be setup up:

[isabell@stardust ~]$ uberspace web domain list
[isabell@stardust ~]$


This installation broadly follows the Quick Start Guide.

First you need to clone the Actual Server project to your Uberspace account, you can do this using Git.

[isabell@stardust ~]$ git clone
Cloning into 'actual-server'...
[isabell@stardust ~]$

Now navigate to the directory where you cloned the project.

[isabell@stardust ~]$ cd actual-server
[isabell@stardust actual]$

Install all the dependencies using yarn

[isabell@stardust actual]$ yarn install
➤ YN0000: └ Completed in 1m 50s
➤ YN0000: · Done with warnings in 2m 2s
[isabell@stardust actual]$


Setup daemon

Create ~/etc/services.d/actual.ini with the following content:

command=yarn start

After creating the configuration, tell supervisord to refresh its configuration and start the service:

[isabell@stardust ~]$ supervisorctl reread
SERVICE: available
[isabell@stardust ~]$ supervisorctl update
SERVICE: added process group
[isabell@stardust ~]$ supervisorctl status
SERVICE                            RUNNING   pid 26020, uptime 0:03:14
[isabell@stardust ~]$

If it’s not in state RUNNING, check your configuration.

Configure web server


Actual is running on port 5006.

To make the application accessible from the outside, configure a web backend:

[isabell@stardust ~]$ uberspace web backend set / --http --port <port>
Set backend for / to port <port>; please make sure something is listening!
You can always check the status of your backend using "uberspace web backend list".
[isabell@stardust ~]$


When a new Actual release is published, follow these steps to update:

  1. Stop the server if it’s running using supervisorctl stop actual.

  2. Run git pull from the directory you cloned the project into. This will download the latest server code.

  3. Run yarn install from that same directory. This will download the latest web client code, along with any updated dependencies for the server.

  4. Restart the server by running supervisorctl start actual.

[isabell@stardust ~]$ supervisorctl stop actual
actual: stopped
[isabell@stardust ~]$ cd ~/actual-server
[isabell@stardust actual-server]$ git pull
remote: Enumerating objects: 4, done.
remote: Counting objects: 100% (4/4), done.
[isabell@stardust actual-server]$ yarn install
[isabell@stardust actual-server]$ supervisorctl start actual
actual: started
[isabell@stardust actual-server]$

Tested with Actual 23.12.0, Uberspace 7.15.4

Written by: knhash <>