Create a static website

You can transfer data to your Asteroid via SFTP protocol, for this you need a SFTP client. We use FileZilla because it is widely used and available for all major platforms and operating systems.

Download and install the version of FileZilla Client for your operating system.

Connect with FileZilla

The login data for the connection can be found in the login area at

  • The hostname can be found in Data sheet

  • the username is your account name with Uberspace

  • the password can be set at Logins.


You need the SSH password, not the password for the web interface. For the port you set 22, the default port for SSH connections.

Check the host key

When connecting for the first time, you should check the hostkey to make sure that you have reached the correct server. You can find the key in the datasheet.

checking the host key

Upload index.html

As a hands-on exercise, you can create a simple HTML file with the following content and copy it to your DocumentRoot as index.html:

  <h1>Hello World</h1>

If you now access your domain in your browser you will see the following page: