GoAccess is an open source realtime web log analyzer and viewer. It use the standard web server log file as source to build a readable graphical HTML output as web page (dashboard) or an overview in the shell.

This documentation describe the way to let create a static web page as overview, which will be updated every hour with a cron job. More details are on the man page and on GitHub available.


GoAccess is released under the MIT License


GoAccess is already pre-installed on uberspace. This guide describes how to use it effectively.


After the installation of GoAccess, it is necessary to enable the web server logs and to configure GoAccess with the right log format.

Enable the Web Server Log

Please follow the instructions in the uberspace manual to enable the web server logs.


Please consider, after the web server log enabling, it needs some time to have some entries in your new log files. Depends on the web traffic.

GoAccess Configuration

Copy the default configuration:

[isabell@stardust ~]$ cp /etc/goaccess/goaccess.conf ~/etc/goaccess.conf

Edit the configuration file and uncomment the following parameters:

# NCSA Combined Log Format with Vitual Host
log-format VCOMBINED

# Set HTML report page title and header.
html-report-title My Uberspace


First Try (or Realtime Analysis in the Shell)

To get first results, to check that everything is maintained, please enter:

[isabell@stardust ~]$ goaccess --agent-list --config-file ~/etc/goaccess.conf --log-file <(cat ~/logs/webserver/access_log*)

Scroll with your cursor keys up and down. With “q” you can quit GoAccess.

HTML Output

This is the graphical variant as static HTML web page. I consider a new folder inside the html location, that you have access from outside on your statistics.

[isabell@stardust ~]$ mkdir ~/html/statistics
[isabell@stardust ~]$

The command to create a static file with GoAccess is:

[isabell@stardust ~]$ goaccess --agent-list --config-file ~/etc/goaccess.conf --log-file <(cat ~/logs/webserver/access_log*) --output ~/html/statistics/report.html


The content of ~/html is publicly accessible. To protect it from unintended visitors, set up HTTP basic authentication using an .htaccess file.

To view the statistics, point your browser to your uberspace URL, e.g. https://isabell.uber.space/statistics/report.html.

Script File

To create a GoAccess file with a cron job every hour as example, a script is helpful. The location and name for the script file is: ~/bin/goaccess_generate_statistics.sh


goaccess --agent-list --config-file ~/etc/goaccess.conf --log-file <(cat ~/logs/webserver/access_log*) --output ~/html/statistics/report.html

Make your script file executable with:

[isabell@stardust ~]$ chmod +x ~/bin/goaccess_generate_statistics.sh
[isabell@stardust ~]$

Cron Job

Cron jobs are described in detail in the Uberspace manual. In this case i consider the following task:

[isabell@stardust ~]$ crontab -e
[isabell@stardust ~]$

and content:

0 * * * * $HOME/bin/goaccess_generate_statistics.sh >/dev/null 2>&1

Best Practices

The actual readable web log file is valid for one week. With other words, a long term statistics is not possible.

Tested with Uberspace and GoAccess 1.3

Written by: FM <git.fm@mmw9.de>

Frederik Niedernolte <peleke7@uber.space>